Global Manifesto

kiss goodbye to ms global locations

We, the MS Squad, will mobilise each year as a global community to Kiss Goodbye to MS.

In order to stand by my friend, my family and my colleagues. In order to stand up for myself. We stand united against Multiple Sclerosis.

We stand together through extraordinary challenges large and small, a unity of fundraisers, to show the world we are stronger than MS.

In order to fund life-changing research and care for people living today. We come in strength and great numbers, from every corner of the earth. No matter our journey or our location, we stand together united by a Kiss, united by our strength.

For the parent who showed us how to live, I pledge that I will be one of many.

For the friend who keeps it to themselves, I will raise my voice.

For everyone affected by MS, I will be unstoppable in ambition.

For the future world we will show what it means to be global.

Every Euro, every pound, every dollar, every Krone – every action will bring us closer, bring us together and make us stronger.

Together we do hereby commit to form a global tribe with an unbreakable bond.

To be relentless in research, to care for those in our community, to start as one world, to make MS history.

We are the MS Squad. We are the global community, and we will Kiss Goodbye to MS.

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