Nothing is impossible – it’s time to walk on fire!!

Step out of your comfort zone

We are delighted to announce that we now have a date for our Galway Fire Walk. On the 02nd March our brave MS Squad members will be taking on the challenge of walking across 20 feet of wood embers burning at 800 degrees!! And more importantly there is still time to sign up.

Our Dublin Fire Walk in 2018 was an unbelievable experience, raising a fantastic €25,000 for our Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign. It was an incredible event and for some it proved to be a life changing moment; giving them the belief that nothing is impossible. And we’re hoping our Galway Fire Walk will be even better.



So do you dare to take on our fire walk for Kiss Goodbye to MS?

Our qualified instructor will be lighting the fire bed for those who dare to step outside their comfort zone. Before you take on the challenge of walking the firewalk, you will complete the ‘unlocking of power within’ seminar. This is a motivational training session where you learn to break through your own limitations and overcome your fears. You also may get the opportunity to board, break or to bend a 8mm steel bar with your neck before you finally walking across the burning embers!


Join our MS Squad for an experience you will never forget and together we will Kiss Goodbye to MS!

For more info and to register today head to our event page.


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