Improving life with MS

Thanks to your support

As well as funding crucial research, money raised by Kiss Goodbye to MS helps support people living with the condition today. Services provided in Ireland include Individual and Family support, Living with MS programmes, our MS Information line and Respite Care .

Emotional and psychological support

MS can take a huge toll on you and your family, so having a kind, knowledgeable and supportive person to talk to can make a huge difference to your health and life. Through our case work service our teams of professional Regional Community Workers support the person with MS through the transitional changes that MS, as a condition, presents. Support is also available to the family members in dealing with the challenges they may face as a family unit.

Access to Information

Understanding what options you have as well as navigating the often complex health and social care systems is crucial. MS provide free advice for people with MS through the MS information line, Living with MS information days and our Information tools, so that people living with MS can enjoy the best possible health and quality of life. The confidential MS Ireland information line provides professional information and support and our information tools include a variety of booklets and information sheets, our website, our MSnews magazine, Research Ezine, conferences and seminars.

respite care

MS Care Centre 

 The MS Care Centre is Ireland’s only respite and therapy centre for people with MS. It offers short-time respite care, therapeutic services, neurological assessments and many social activities in a homely environment in the suburbs of Dublin. For nearly 30 years now, this wonderful haven has been offering expert care and life-changing support to hundreds of people living with MS each year.

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