Here’s how

1. Register as a fundraiser

Interested in fundraising for Kiss Goodbye to MS? Great news! Registration is quick and easy, and once you are finished you will have your own unique URL to share with family and friends. You can also get a group together and register a team! Whether you are planning something big or small, something new or a tried and tested fundraising idea – every supporter makes a difference!

2. Tell the world

People can’t support you if they don’t know that you are fundraising! Consider posting about your campaign on social media, sending personal emails, or asking your family and friends next time you see them.

Not sure how to ask for donations? We know this can be tricky! Download our fundraising tips here. Don’t forget to check our fundraising essentials page also.

3. Reach your goal

Don’t forget to thank your supporters! Sometimes this can be as simple as posting a message to them on your fundraising page, or you may like to send them an email.

Your supporters love knowing why this is so important to you! Share your journey with them, and let them know about why raising funds for MS research and services are so important to you.

4. Need some inspiration?

The unique thing about Kiss Goodbye to MS is that you can support however you would like to! You could host a workplace morning tea, a dinner with friends, wear red lipstick, take on a personal challenge, or hold a gala dinner – the options are limitless. Looking for some inspiration? Download the ideas we have come up with.

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