Let's Kiss Goodbye to MS together

Let's Kiss goodbye to MS

Caroline Hannigan

MS affects 2.5 million people worldwide - 8000 people in Ireland. One of those people is someone special to me - and who is simply amazing and inspiring in every way!

MS Ireland needs funds to help aid research and to ensure suitable and sufficient medical requirements are met for those with MS.

Although this is a small token, every little really does help!

On September 15th, I am going to walk on fire for MS - if you want to support me and a very worthy and important cause, a donation no matter how small would be gratefully appreciated and would go a long way in helping MS Ireland in their amazing work.

I also have a donation card if you would prefer to donate personally - just give me a shout.

Thank you! :) xx

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Caroline Hannigan

TARGET: €250RAISED: €211
Jason has donated €50.7 to Caroline Hannigan
July 5, 2018
Facebook Fundraising
Facebook Fundraising has donated €140 to Caroline Hannigan
June 29, 2018
Caroline has donated €20.28 to Caroline Hannigan
June 13, 2018
Jason Robertson
Caroline, It may seem foolish to some to see an American donate to a cause that is so far away from him but I happen to have many reasons. Here are a few of them... First I'd like to respectfully say that I find you to be an awesome person based only on what little I know of you. You are very motivated in teaching us all about what our traditions and customs have been doing to the animal kingdom and frankly I'm ready to become vegan myself because of it... I've been so ignorant and blind about how animal products end up in the store to put it lightly. Second, I am totally guilty of reading all these quotes you have on Instagram... I wish I could have been more thoughtful at being a better human being to all those around me... yeah, you're having quite an effect on this human and my heart and mind appreciates the random way I've come to know you. Lastly, I figure you like quotes so here is one I found that I think fits the situation in a couple of ways: "May your feet take you where your heart wants to go..." Your heart is in the right place for this cause so, keep following those feet... Wouldn't this world be a much better place if we all followed feet like yours... lol ...that last line was my own try at creating a quote. Take care and thank you for caring so much about MS as well as all the other virtues you uphold. :) Jason (Please Please Please let me know if there are any problems with the donation since it's coming from the US. I really want this to go though correctly.)
July 5, 2018

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