And what it means for you!

… is it all about? We hear you cry.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic and incurable condition, which can affect anyone anywhere. Around two thirds of people who are diagnosed are female with most people being diagnosed between 20 and 40 years old, just as they are starting careers and families. There are over 9000 people living with MS in Ireland.

Kiss Goodbye to MS is a global community of people, just like you, who are daring to raise money for vital MS research and services. Step outside your comfort zone and dare yourself to do something fun, exciting, glamorous, weird or whatever, to raise money for vital research and services.

Decide what you want to do, find your local community or build a fundraising page for your challenge and get going!

Don’t forget to share it with your friends, family and the world on social media using the hashtag #KissGoodbyeToMS.

You can jump out of a plane, walk a kilometre, get 100 people doing Zumba underwater, or have a ‘red day’ at work or school, or whatever. But whatever you do, challenge yourself, have fun and raise as much as you can.

Find out what’s happening in Ireland here, and you can just build your own fundraising page here.

… is it happening?

All over and Ireland and across the World.

To find out what’s happening across Ireland and in your local area click here. If there are no events in your home town time why not set one up yourself. Get your fundraising toolkit or build your own fundraising page.

In 2018 there are national campaigns in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, the UK, the United States of America.

Click here to find out what’s happening in these countries.

… is it happening? Excellent question.

Launched on February 14th 2018 and running till the 30th May there is plenty of time for you to get involved whether you are an individual, school or company.

Throughout May we’ll also see Australia, Denmark, Canada,New Zealand  the UK and more all doing their thing.

Follow the action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hear from the celebrities and other people all getting glammed up for a great cause.

Get creative! It can be as easy as adding a Kiss Goodbye to MS Twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile (don’t forget to donate here), or having a ‘red day’ to raise money at work or school, or building your own free fundraising page to set yourself a real challenge!

This campaign is all about you, so what are you going to do?

… is organising the campaign? Glad you asked.

Brought together by the MS International Federation, MS organisations from around the world are joining forces to help you Kiss Goodbye to MS. This is the first truly international fundraising campaign for MS and it’s only going to grow.

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland is leading the Kiss Goodbye to MS Campaign in Ireland.

… is this important and where will the money go? You probably want to know.

Worldwide there are over 2.3 million people living with MS and around two thirds are female. In Ireland there are over 9000 people living with MS, that’s 1 in 500 people. It is usually first diagnosed when people are between the ages of 20 and 40, just when people are trying to start careers and families. It is a chronic and unpredictable disease that needs serious solutions.

But that doesn’t mean that raising money to fight it shouldn’t be fun!

Money raised for Kiss Goodbye to MS will fund vital research into the causes, treatments and possible cures for MS, as well as help for people living with the conditition now. We will use social media to share examples of the incredible work you will fund over the course of the campaign.

This stuff doesn’t happen by magic and it’s never free, so you are going to do something incredible.

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