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It’s the only global fundraising campaign for MS. It’s a way for everyone to do something fun, exciting, glamorous, weird or whatever, to raise money for the research and support that people with MS urgently need. MS Ireland joins 11 other MS organisations throughout the world as they encourage the public to ‘Kiss Goodbye to MS’

The campaign calls on supporters to wear, dare or share to fundraise in February each year: Get sponsored to WEAR red lipstick (or anything red!)  DARE: get sponsored to do a Kiss Goodbye to MS event dare, SHARE Amplify everything you do by sharing it with your communities on social media and beyond using #kissgoodbyetoms


Multiple sclerosis [MS] – meaning ‘many scars’ – is a condition of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), which is incurable and often disabling. The average age of diagnosis is just 30, just when people are trying to start careers and families.

While there are some treatments for one form of MS, around half the people with the disease currently have no treatments and there is no cure. This has to change! MS is the result of damage to myelin –a protective coating surrounding nerve fibres of the central nervous system (a bit like the rubber coating around wires). When myelin is damaged the scars interfere with messages between the brain and other parts of the body.

There are over  9,000 people living with MS in Ireland and around two thirds are female. This is why Kiss Goodbye to MS is building a community of women (and men) in Ireland and around the world to raise money to change the world for everyone living with MS.